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Founder and Director



E. THOMAS ROWE is the Founder and Director of the International Career Advancement Program (ICAP) and a former Associate Professor, Associate Dean and Dean of Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.  He is also Co-Founder, Senior Advisor and Treasurer of the Global Access Pipeline (GAP).

Research and Expertise

Dr. Rowe specializes in international politics, international organization and comparative politics, with particular attention to the United Nations, international human rights and conflict management and resolution. He has received grants and contracts from numerous foundations and government agencies, including the University of California-Berkeley, University of Connecticut, the Ford Foundation, the U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. State Department, University of Missouri School of Journalism, Pew Memorial Trusts, U.S. Information Agency, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Institute of Peace, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Una Chapman Cox Foundation, Citigroup Foundation, United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation, the Aspen Institute, the Fetzer Institute, Andrew Mellon Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

Dr. Rowe has lectured in the United States, Costa Rica, Ghana and Europe. He previously served on the faculty at the University of Connecticut and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Rowe has published several book chapters, a monograph on the United Nations and articles in International Organization, the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Conflict Resolution and Relaciones Internacionales. He has served as the president of the International Organization Section of the International Studies Association, former president of the Western International Studies Association and former member of the Executive Board of Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA).

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., University of California, Berkeley
B.A., University of Michigan

Dr. E. Thomas Rowe

Phone: 303-871-2403

3106 Sie International Complex
Josef Korbel School of International Studies,

University of Denver

2201 South Gaylord Street

Denver, CO 80208


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