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In Loving Memory

Reflections for the Mind, Heart, and Soul of Mi Amiga...

Emita Con Cariño & Respeto Inmenso


I Am

Love poems evolve slowly ... in quiet, empty ... reverential spaces ...
filled with sun or moon ... where the essence of who we are travels to places beyond...where time ... and space ...
and matter ... don’t matter ...

where massed densities ... dissolve into ...

a trillion tiny particles of Energy & Light...where we are ...

I Am... united, whole, weightless and Free!


Emita Samuels

M.A., Education,

University of Denver
B.A., Education,
University of Denver

Professional Links

Associate Director

EMITA SAMUELS served as Associate Director of ICAP until her passing on December 30, 2020.  She was central to the development and success of the International Career Advancement Program (ICAP), from initial conception to the present.  In her professional life, she was passionate about education at all levels and sought to make a contribution every day to increase and improve access to education.  She earned her BA and MA in Education from the University of Denver.  She had over 40 years of experience in higher education administration and student services working with the underrepresented. She served as a Senior Admissions Counselor at ECPI University and Jones International University, as Director of Student and Community Engagement at the Women’s College of the University of Denver, as Dean of Student Services and Registrar at the Community College of Denver, as Registrar at the University of Denver’s College of Law and as Director of Student Affairs at the Graduate School of International Studies (now the Josef Korbel School) of the University of Denver.  Originally from Panama, she began her undergraduate studies at the University of Panama before coming to the United States and completing her education. She became a US citizen in 2008.  Emita was married to Tom Rowe and was associated with ICAP from its inception in 1997.  Her passing was a great loss.

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation in memory of Emita, you can do this by making a contribution online:

Click here to make a gift online in Memory of Emita

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