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“This program has initiated the creation of a network of leaders that may change the face–both literally and figuratively–of the nation’s governance structure.”

Official with a major aerospace and defense company

“ICAP has strengthened my leadership skills and provided me with the strength, the guidance and the tools to continue facing career challenges.”

Official with the

Inter-American Foundation

“The week in Aspen was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has already changed my life and outlook.”

Foreign Service Officer

About ICAP

(International Career Advancement Program)


is a professional development and leadership program for highly promising mid-career professionals in international affairs in the United States, sponsored by the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver and by the Aspen Institute.  It is funded by donations from generous alumni, senior mentors and friends of the program as well as by government agencies and nonprofits that sponsor individual Fellows.  These include the State Department, the US Agency for International Development, the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service and its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the US African Development Foundation, the US International Trade Commission, the US Department of Labor’s International Labor Affairs Bureau, the US Navy, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Gates Foundation, Amnesty International USA and the Aspen Institute. 


ICAP provides a support network, career advising, mentors, policy and research background and other assistance in order to help professionals from underrepresented groups and those who are strong advocates of diversity and inclusion have a more effective voice, achieve their potential and assume leadership positions in international affairs in the United States, in both the public and the private sectors.  It is based on the realization that US leadership which draws on the full range of talent and diversity of the US population will be more legitimate and will enhance the quality, effectiveness and creativity of US participation in global affairs. The program was identified in 2015 by The Economist’s Global Diversity List as one of the top 50 “Ethnic Diversity Networks” globally and has been named in both US House of Representatives and US Senate bills as an important and successful diversity leadership program.

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