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ICAP and the Global Access Pipeline  


IN ORDER TO FURTHER BROADEN its positive impact, ICAP has joined with other programs in creating an association called the Global Access Pipeline (GAP). GAP seeks to link pre-collegiate programs for at-risk students with college and graduate level programs for underrepresented groups, to link these two levels with the mid-career leadership program of ICAP and then to tie these to special recruitment efforts at prominent senior level groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and many others. The aim of GAP is to facilitate synergy between programs by developing a more comprehensive approach to helping individuals from their early years through college and graduate training into their mid-career planning, career enhancement and beyond.

ICAP and GAP have joined with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to sponsor a joint Conference on Diversity in International Affairs. This annual event, held in April or May at the Washington, DC, offices of the CFR, is a major gathering which addresses major policy issues and the need for greater diversity in the leadership of the United States as it tries to deal with those issues.    

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Diversifying Global Leadership

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Enhancing the quality and diversity of US participation in international affairs

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