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“ICAP was intellectually and spiritually stimulating. I feel rejuvenated to give my best as a relief and development worker and to motivate others to work in the field of international affairs.”

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“ICAP gave me the tools, strategies and a support network to combat discrimination and develop my career.”

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ICAP Fellows


THE INTENSIVE WEEK-LONG EXPERIENCE in Aspen, Colorado, represents the beginning of the ICAP Fellows’’ long-term commitment to serve as part of a support group and as mentors to others in order to advance the ICAP goal of improved quality and diversity in US leadership. To give organized support and permanence to follow-up activities, ICAP alumni have established the International Career Advancement Program Alumni Association (ICAPAA). Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the ICAPAA organizes policy forums, career workshops, social events and other activities to reinforce the mutual support group and mentoring that are part of the post-Aspen ICAP. The ICAPAA also helps in fund raising and providing other support for the continuation of ICAP. Participating in ICAP alumni activities is vital to the success of ICAP and a requirement of all ICAP Fellows. For further information on the Alumni Association, visit the website at

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