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ICAP Fellows Association


THE INTERNATIONAL CAREER ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM Fellows Association (ICAPFA) is a non-profit organization set up by ICAP and the ICAP alumni to continue to pursue the goals of diversity and quality in U.S. leadership.  It provides most of the activities that serve as a follow-on to the week in Aspen and helps to ensure that ICAP is an ongoing professional development and support program after the Aspen introduction.  Its programs include policy forums, career workshops, informational meetings with senior governmental officials and others and social gatherings.  It also helps to organize the annual Conference on Diversity in International Affairs, held jointly with the Global Access Pipeline (GAP) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the annual mid-year ICAP reunion meeting in Washington, DC.  All ICAP Fellows are expected to become members of the Alumni Association after Aspen and to support its activities.  For a more complete view of ICAP AA and its current programs, visit the website at

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